8-under Brittant Byrd - Hearne, Tx
9-13 Mary Young - Colmsneil, Tx
14-18 Andrew Reynolds - Caldwell, Tx
19-over Melvin Carter - Bryan, Tx

Key Hole 8-under ( 9 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-003:981
2.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-006:401
3.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-010:781
4.Wallae, Kaci/Lee-011:599*2L
5.Byrd, Brad/Sassy-011:717
6.Byrd, Brandon/Sassy-012:761
7.Neyland, Lacy/Star-012:955
8.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-015:625*2L
DQ.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-NO TIME

Key Hole 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-005:653
2.Tucker, Elyssa/A Fawn Investment-012:659
DQ.Carter, Amy/Aggie-NO TIME
DQ.Cupp, Emily/Bo-NO TIME
DQ.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-NO TIME
DQ.Brown, Erin/Sassy-NO TIME

Key Hole 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-007:917
2.Sullens, Dale/Ladyhawk-008:323
DQ.Reynolds, Andrew/Baby Blue-NO TIME


Key Hole 19-over ( 6 )

1.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-005:787
2.Zalmanek, Jerry/Lost Power of Caleon-009:771
3.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-010:747
4.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-013:295
DQ.Osborne, John/Buena-NO TIME
DQ.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-NO TIME

Thread the Needle 8-under ( 8 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-027:971
2.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-037:251
3.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-061:387
4.Wallae, Kaci/Lee-064:537*2L
5.Byrd, Brad/Sassy-084:867
6.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-095:947*2L
7.Neyland, Lacy/Star-114:209
8.Byrd, Brandon/Sassy-118:737

Thread the Needle 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-027:093
2.Brown, Erin/Maggie-028:263
3.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-028:765
4.Young, Mary/Cookie-032:933
5.Carter, Amy/Aggie-034:231
6.Cupp, Emily/Bo-034:975*3

Thread the Needle 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-024:757
2.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-025:311
3.Sullens, Dale/Ladyhawk-032:845


Thread the Needle 19-over ( 8 )

1.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-024:741
2.Parks, April/B.G. Express-026:283
3.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-027:611
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-031:863*3
5.Osborne, John/Buena-038:335
6.Zalmanek, Jerry/P.J.-043:089
7.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-098:765
DQ.Waski, Gene/Champ-NO TIME

Potato Race 8-under ( 10 )

1.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-016:769
2.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-021:241
3.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-021:835
4.Druery, Melanie/Buck-023:523
5.Byrd, Brad/Sassy-024:241
6.Wallae, Kaci/Lee-030:919*2L
7.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-033:961*2L
8.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-035:985*2L
DQ.Byrd, Brandon/Sassy-NO TIME
DQ.Neyland, Lacy/Star-NO TIME

Potato Race 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-010:039
2.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-010:073
3.Carter, Amy/Aggie-015:175
4.Cupp, Emily/Bo-016:465
5.Tucker, Elyssa/A Fawn Investment-022:061
6.Brown, Erin/Maggie-024:673

Potato Race 14-18 ( 4 )

1.Druery, Melissa/Dish-011:855
2.Reynolds, Andrew/Baby Blue-022:773
3.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-023:537
4.Sullens, Dale/Champ-030:565


Potato Race 19-over ( 8 )

1.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-008:881
2.Parks, April/B.G. Express-009:747
3.Zalmanek, Jerry/Lost Power of Caleon-012:061
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-017:725
5.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-036:029
DQ.Osborne, John/Buena-NO TIME
DQ.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-NO TIME
DQ.Wasik, Gene/Magic-NO TIME

Cloverleaf Barrels 8-under ( 8 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-019:781
2.Druery, Melanie/Buck-028:967
3.Byrd, Brandon/Sassy-030:875
4.Byrd, Brad/Sassy-031:667*5
5.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-034:285
6.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-042:193
7.Neyland, Lacy/Star-047:723
8.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-059:129*2L

Cloverleaf Barrels 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-018:617
2.Young, Mary/Cookie-019:771
3.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-021:007
4.Cupp, Emily/Bo-028:319*5
5.Carter, Amy/Aggie-029:883*5
6.Brown, Erin/Maggie-031:183*5

Cloverleaf Barrels 14-18 ( 4 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-018:099
2.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-018:995
3.Druery, Melissa/Dish-022:833
4.Sullens, Dale/Champ-033:875


Cloverleaf Barrels 19-over ( 9 )

1.Parks, April/B.G. Express-019:729
2.Wasik, Gene/Magic-023:041*5
3.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-023:973*5
4.Krsitynik, Amy/Keri-025:327
5.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-026:111*5
6.Zalmanek, Jerry/P.J.-029:087
7.Osborne, John/Buena-029:353
8.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-040:223*10
9.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-056:957

Jr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 1 )

1.Parks, April/B.G. Express-029:497


Sr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 8 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-018:005
2.Wasik, Gene/Magic-018:055
3.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-018:361
4.Young, Mary/Cookie-019:731
5.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-019:797
6.Druery, Melissa/Dish-020:695
7.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-024:331
8.Sullens, Dale/Magic-030:405*10

Arena Race 8-under ( 9 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-007:477
2.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-009:845
3.Byrd, Brandon/Sassy-010:877
4.Druery, Melanie/Buck-011:141
5.Neyland, Lacy/Star-011:697
6.Byrd, Brad/Sassy-012:211
7.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-015:267
8.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-023:581*2L
9.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-027:167*2L

Arena Race 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Brown, Erin/Maggie-007:249
2.Young, Mary/Cookie-007:323
3.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-007:915
4.Cupp, Emily/Bo-008:211
5.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-008:401
6.Carter, Amy/Aggie-009:567

Arena Race 14-18 ( 5 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-007:279
2.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-007:345
3.Druery, Melissa/Dish-007:825
4.Sullens, Dale/Champ-008:607
5.Reynolds, Laura/Baby Blue-019:393


Arena Race 19-over ( 9 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-006:731
2.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-007:005
3.Parks, April/B.G. Express-007:759
4.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-007:923
5.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-008:237
6.Krsitynik, Amy/Keri-009:717
7.Zalmanek, Jerry/P.J.-010:021
8.Osborne, John/Buena-010:155
9.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-033:801

Straightaway Barrels 8-under ( 9 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-008:375
2.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-010:259
3.Byrd, Brandon/Sassy-011:983
4.Byrd, Brad/Sassy-012:741
5.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-014:085
6.Druery, Melanie/Buck-014:113
7.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-024:949*2L
8.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-026:413*2L
DQ.Neyland, Lacy/Star-NO TIME

Straightaway Barrels 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-008:113
2.Cupp, Emily/Bo-008:383
3.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-009:219
4.Carter, Amy/Aggie-011:547
5.Brown, Erin/Maggie-013:311*5
6.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-020:037*10

Straightaway Barrels 14-18 ( 4 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-007:773
2.Druery, Melissa/Dish-014:367*5
3.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-014:409
4.Sullens, Dale/Champ-014:921


Straightaway Barrels 19-over ( 9 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-006:939
2.Parks, April/B.G. Express-008:663
3.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-008:667
4.Osborne, John/Buena-010:649
5.Zalmanek, Jerry/P.J.-013:103
6.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-013:861*5
7.Krsitynik, Amy/Keri-020:301
8.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-024:211
DQ.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-NO TIME

Pole Bending 8-under ( 8 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-025:621
2.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-045:129
3.Druery, Melanie/Buck-047:563
4.Byrd, Brad/Sassy-050:613
5.Byrd, Brandon/Sassy-054:471
6.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-058:877
7.Neyland, Lacy/Star-089:579
8.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-114:003*2L

Pole Bending 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-027:797
2.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-035:147
3.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-035:577*5
4.Carter, Amy/Aggie-039:747
5.Brown, Erin/Maggie-043:649*10

Pole Bending 14-18 ( 4 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-024:633
2.Sullens, Dale/Champ-034:303
3.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-036:803
4.Druery, Melissa/Dish-037:409*5


Pole Bending 19-over ( 9 )

1.Krsitynik, Amy/Khema-028:167
2.Parks, April/B.G. Express-030:259
3.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-033:939*5
4.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-034:787*5
5.Wasik, Gene/Magic-035:097
6.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-035:323
7.Osborne, John/Buena-040:557
8.Zalmanek, Jerry/P.J.-050:797
9.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-062:119

Jr. Pole Bending ( 1 )

1.Parks, April/B.G. Express-026:747


Sr. Pole Bending ( 7 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-024:341
2.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-026:055
3.Brown, Erin/Maggie-030:085
4.Druery, Melissa/Dish-031:837
5.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-033:585
6.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-034:329*5
DQ.Young, Mary/Cookie-NO TIME

Quad Stakes 8-under ( 3 )

1.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-037:847
2.Gast, Lauren/Ladyhawk-066:051
3.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-093:105*2L


Quad Stakes 9-13 ( 4 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-026:049
2.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-030:579
3.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-031:255*5
4.Carter, Amy/Aggie-035:145

Quad Stakes 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-027:097
2.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-030:181
3.Sullens, Dale/Champ-031:577


Quad Stakes 19-over ( 8 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-025:611
2.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-025:625
3.Krsitynik, Amy/Khema-026:243
4.Parks, April/B.G. Express-027:097
5.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-029:455
6.Zalmanek, Jerry/P.J.-040:105
7.Osborne, John/Buena-042:417
8.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-058:251