8-under Justin Merryman - Rosebud, Tx
9-13 Cody Merryman - Rosebud, Tx
14-18 Amy Kristynik - Bryan, Tx
19-over Tiffanie Turner - College Station, Tx

Key Hole 8-under ( 7 )

1.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-005:337
2.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-005:889
3.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-008:609
4.Santana, Trevor/Be Be-012:417
5.Carter, Kimberly/Roudy-017:305
6.Carter, Juainta/Blackie-023:283
7.Wallace, Kaci/Betsy-024:237*2L

Key Hole 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Merryman, Cody/Sandy-004:571
2.Sanders, Chris/Dock-004:887
3.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-006:157
4.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-006:373
5.Carter, Amy/Aggie-008:321
6.McLewis, Jennifer/Yellow-010:511
DQ.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-NO TIME

Key Hole 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-005:223
2.Carey, Lisa/Justina-008:149
DQ.Carter, A.J./Daisy-NO TIME


Key Hole 19-over ( 5 )

1.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-004:467
2.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-004:585
3.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-005:769
4.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-006:791
DQ.Parks, April/Gadget-NO TIME

Thread the Needle 8-under ( 6 )

1.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-025:593
2.Balcar, Mariann/Mancha-032:557
3.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-043:007
4.Carter, Kimberly/Roudy-051:095
5.Carter, Juainta/Blackie-068:939*2L
6.Wallace, Kaci/Betsy-081:527*2L


Thread the Needle 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Merryman, Cody/Sandy-022:975
2.Sanders, Chris/Dock-025:023
3.Cupp, Randy/Bo-025:969
4.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-026:497
5.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-028:457
6.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-028:953
7.Carter, Amy/Aggie-030:709

Thread the Needle 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Carter, A.J./Daisy-025:149
2.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-026:651
3.Carey, Lisa/Justina-035:675


Thread the Needle 19-over ( 6 )

1.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-024:667
2.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-026:451
3.Parks, April/Khema-026:575
4.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-027:609
5.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-033:455
6.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-034:323*3

Potato Race 8-under ( 9 )

1.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-014:619
2.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-017:083
3.Brown, Erin/Belle-018:555
4.Santana, Trevor/Be Be-018:573
5.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-021:497
6.Carter, Kimberly/Blackie-022:669
7.Carter, Juainta/Blackie-038:727*2L
DQ.Byrd, Brad/Belle-NO TIME
DQ.Wallace, Kaci/Betsy-NO TIME

Potato Race 9-13 ( 8 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-007:353
2.Merryman, Cody/Rum-009:929
3.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-011:951
4.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-012:785
5.Sanders, Chris/Dock-017:317
DQ.Carter, Amy/Aggie-NO TIME
DQ.Cornett, Colby/Lucy-NO TIME
DQ.Cupp, Randy/Bo-NO TIME

Potato Race 14-18 ( 4 )

1.Gudelman, Erik/Buck-008:783
2.Carter, A.J./Daisy-010:849
DQ.Carey, Lisa/Justina-NO TIME
DQ.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-NO TIME


Potato Race 19-over ( 6 )

1.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-007:451
2.Parks, April/Khema-010:161
3.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-021:201
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-027:283
DQ.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-NO TIME
DQ.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-NO TIME

Cloverleaf Barrels 8-under ( 8 )

1.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-018:481
2.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-019:641
3.Balcar, Mariann/Mancha-022:717
4.Santana, Trevor/Be Be-030:933
5.Brown, Erin/Belle-032:723
6.Carter, Kimberly/Roudy-035:839
7.Long, Jason/Hot Flash-043:819
8.Byrd, Brad/Belle-064:209


Cloverleaf Barrels 9-13 ( 10 )

1.Sanders, Chris/Dock-018:457
2.Cupp, Randy/Bo-019:593
3.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-019:877
4.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-021:981
5.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-022:659
6.Carter, Amy/Aggie-024:733
7.McLewis, Jennifer/Macaroni-025:925*5
8.Merryman, Wesley/Thunder-026:561
9.Cornett, Colby/Lucy-026:627*5
10.Merryman, Cody/Sandy-027:491*10

Cloverleaf Barrels 14-18 ( 5 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-017:851
2.Carter, A.J./Daisy-018:677
3.Gudelman, Erik/Buck-021:571
4.Carey, Lisa/Justina-025:141
DQ.Moore, Chasity/Sandy-NO TIME


Cloverleaf Barrels 19-over ( 9 )

1.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-017:739
2.Long, Doris/Hercules-017:943
3.Parks, April/Khema-018:643
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-018:977
5.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-019:051
6.Long, Mike/Hot Flash-021:699
7.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-021:817
8.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-022:641
9.Wasik, Gene/Champ-023:145

Jr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 2 )

1.Moore, Chasity/Sandy-017:535
2.Wasik, Gene/Scamper-116:545


Sr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 6 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-017:803
2.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-018:505
3.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-020:051
4.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-022:785
5.Sanders, Chris/Dock-023:825*5
6.Carey, Lisa/Justina-026:597

Arena Race 8-under ( 9 )

1.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-006:543
2.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-006:627
3.Carter, Kimberly/Roudy-007:943
4.Long, Jason/Hot Flash-008:359
5.Balcar, Mariann/Mancha-008:371
6.Byrd, Brad/Belle-011:965
7.Santana, Trevor/Be Be-012:393
8.Phillips, Tyler/Betsy-024:391
9.Carter, Juanita/Blackie-024:539*2L


Arena Race 9-13 ( 10 )

1.Merryman, Cody/Sandy-006:463
2.Sanders, Chris/Dock-006:721
3.Cupp, Randy/Bo-006:767
4.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-007:079
5.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-007:137
6.Cornett, Colby/Lucy-007:735
7.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-008:131
8.Carter, Amy/Aggie-008:663
9.McLewis, Jennifer/Yellow-009:809
DQ.Merryman, Wesley/Rum-NO TIME

Arena Race 14-18 ( 5 )

1.Moore, Chasity/Sandy-006:453
2.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-006:467
3.Carter, A.J./Daisy-006:767
4.Gudelman, Erik/Buck-007:503
5.Carey, Lisa/Justina-008:551


Arena Race 19-over ( 6 )

1.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-006:587
2.Parks, April/Khema-007:047
3.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-007:327
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-007:451
5.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-007:559
6.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-007:933

Straightaway Barrels 8-under ( 9 )

1.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-010:353
2.Long, Jason/Hot Flash-012:203
3.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-016:939
4.Santana, Trevor/Be Be-018:113
5.Carter, Kimberly/Roudy-019:555
6.Brown, Erin/Belle-024:649
7.Phillips, Tyler/Betsy-035:111*2L
8.Byrd, Brad/Belle-049:917
DQ.Balcar, Mariann/Mancha-NO TIME


Straightaway Barrels 9-13 ( 10 )

1.Merryman, Cody/Sandy-009:107
2.Sanders, Chris/Dock-009:369
3.Cupp, Randy/Bo-010:095
4.Cornett, Colby/Lucy-011:029
5.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-011:875
6.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-012:207
7.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-013:353
8.Carter, Amy/Aggie-013:999
9.Merryman, Wesley/Thunder-015:811
10.McLewis, Jennifer/Yellow-016:601

Straightaway Barrels 14-18 ( 5 )

1.Carter, A.J./Daisy-009:859
2.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-010:051
3.Moore, Chasity/Sandy-010:115
4.Gudelman, Erik/Buck-011:901
5.Carey, Lisa/Justina-014:005


Straightaway Barrels 19-over ( 7 )

1.Parks, April/Khema-009:557
2.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-009:619
3.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-011:191
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-011:297
5.Wasik, Gene/Champ-013:095
6.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-017:511*5
7.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-025:661

Pole Bending 8-under ( 6 )

1.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-026:643
2.Balcar, Mariann/Mancha-033:213
3.Carter, Kimberly/Roudy-046:501
4.Brown, Erin/Belle-047:005
5.Carter, Juainta/Blackie-072:947*2L
DQ.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-NO TIME


Pole Bending 9-13 ( 9 )

1.Merryman, Cody/Sandy-024:847
2.Sanders, Chris/Dock-028:207
3.Cupp, Randy/Bo-029:515
4.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-032:875
5.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-033:151*5
6.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-033:421
7.Merryman, Wesley/Thunder-035:771
8.Carter, Amy/Aggie-056:399
DQ.Cornett, Colby/Lucy-NO TIME

Pole Bending 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-024:945
2.Carter, A.J./Daisy-028:077
3.Carey, Lisa/Justina-040:407


Pole Bending 19-over ( 7 )

1.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-025:397
2.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-027:617
3.Parks, April/Khema-030:299*5
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Ten Speed-033:907
5.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-034:145
6.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-034:899
7.Wasik, Gene/Champ-039:743

Jr. Pole Bending ( 1 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Scamper-164:681


Sr. Pole Bending ( 5 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-024:443
2.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-027:101
3.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-028:119
4.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-035:599
5.Carey, Lisa/Justina-039:179

Quad Stakes 8-under ( 8 )

1.Merryman, Justin/Sunday-025:203
2.Balcar, Mariann/Mancha-032:109
3.Byrd, Brittany/Shorty-039:245*5
4.Carter, Kimberly/Roudy-043:421
5.Brown, Erin/Belle-055:403
6.Wallace, Kaci/Betsy-070:477*2L
7.Byrd, Brad/Belle-110:791
8.Carter, Juainta/Blackie-137:675*2L

Quad Stakes 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Merryman, Cody/Sandy-024:049
2.Sanders, Chris/Dock-024:565
3.Kristynik, Laura/Betsy-026:369
4.Carter, Amy/Aggie-031:505
5.Dileo, Kristen/Buster-032:363
6.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-036:571*5

Quad Stakes 14-18 ( 4 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-024:449
2.Carter, A.J./Daisy-024:803
3.Moore, Chasity/Sandy-028:633
4.Carey, Lisa/Justina-035:745


Quad Stakes 19-over ( 5 )

1.Turner, Tiffanie/Cassita Bars-025:727
2.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-030:073
2.Parks, April/Gadget-033:461
4.Gordon, Marilyn/Bit O Brat-033:541*5
5.Taylor, Kristen/Sid-035:431