8-under Lacey Goodman - North Zulch, Tx
9-13 Laura Kristynik - Bryan, Tx
14-18 Andrew Reynolds - Caldwell, Tx
19-over Dorothy Cupp - College Station, Tx

Key Hole 8-under ( 10 )

1.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-004:739
2.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-008:563
3.Byrd, Brad/Thunder-011:187
4.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-013:863*2L
5.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-018:909*2L
DQ.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-NO TIME
DQ.Wallace, Kaci/Lee-NO TIME
DQ.Byrd, Brandon/Lighting-NO TIME
DQ.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-NO TIME
DQ.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-NO TIME

Key Hole 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-005:635
2.Brown, Erin/Maggie-005:661
3.Cupp, Emily/Bo-007:951
4.Tucker, Elyssa/A Fawn Investment-017:101
DQ.Young, Mary/Cookie-NO TIME

Key Hole 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-004:449
2.Sullens, Dale/Fred-007:063
DQ.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-NO TIME


Key Hole 19-over ( 6 )

1.Zalmank, Jerry/Lost Power of Caleon-006:061
2.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-006:361
3.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-012:227
DQ.Parks, April/B.G. Express-NO TIME
DQ.Osborne, John/Buena-NO TIME
DQ.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-NO TIME

Thread the Needle 8-under ( 9 )

1.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-035:447
2.Balcar, Mariann/Mancha-035:617
3.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-037:633
4.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-038:011
5.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-055:971
6.Byrd, Brandon/Lighting-061:755*2L
7.Byrd, Brad/Thunder-070:465
8.Wallace, Kaci/Lee-078:301*2L
9.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-078:551*2L

Thread the Needle 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-027:739
2.Young, Mary/Cookie-028:531
3.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-033:795*3
4.Cupp, Emily/Bo-038:355*3
5.Brown, Erin/Maggie-039:245

Thread the Needle 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Sullens, Dale/Fred-026:247
2.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-028:515
3.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-029:097


Thread the Needle 19-over ( 8 )

1.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-028:009
2.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-028:055
3.Parks, April/B.G. Express-031:057
4.Goodman, Lynda/Unknown-031:187
5.Zalmank, Jerry/Lost Power of Caleon-031:991
6.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-038:113
7.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-038:989*3
8.Osborne, John/Buena-045:887

Potato Race 8-under ( 12 )

1.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-022:839
2.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-025:631
3.Byrd, Brad/Thunder-030:403
4.Byrd, Brandon/Lighting-037:683
5.Wallace, Kaci/Lee-041:165*2L
6.Webb, David/Khema-043:667*2L
7.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-051:707*2L
8.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-051:881*2L
DQ.Druery, Melannie/JoJo-NO TIME
DQ.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-NO TIME
DQ.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-NO TIME
DQ.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-NO TIME

Potato Race 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Cupp, Emily/Bo-011:391
2.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-014:157
3.Young, Mary/Cookie-023:139
4.Tucker, Elyssa/A Fawn Investment-046:653
DQ.Brown, Erin/Maggie-NO TIME

Potato Race 14-18 ( 5 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-009:753
2.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-019:389
3.Druery, Melissa/Buck-024:549
DQ.Sullens, Dale/Easy-NO TIME
DQ.Reynolds, Matthew/Miss Dixie-NO TIME


Potato Race 19-over ( 8 )

1.Marlow, Laurine/Fred-010:745
2.Zalmank, Jerry/Lost Power of Caleon-014:057
3.Parks, April/B.G. Express-014:505
4.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-015:945
5.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-020:731
6.Osborne, John/Buena-023:009
DQ.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-NO TIME
DQ.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-NO TIME

Cloverleaf Barrels 8-under ( 10 )

1.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-022:555un
2.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-023:939un
3.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-024:665un
4.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-028:443un
5.Druery, Melannie/JoJo-029:165un
6.Byrd, Brad/Thunder-035:707un
7.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-039:435un
8.Byrd, Brandon/Lighting-058:379un
9.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-063:205*2Lun
10.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-091:241*2Lun

Cloverleaf Barrels 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-018:999un
2.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-021:353un
3.Brown, Erin/Maggie-023:019un
4.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-024:083*5un
5.Huckaba, Amber/Misty-027:729un
6.Cupp, Emily/Bo-027:935*5un
7.Griffin, Jessie/Yamb-040:333un

Cloverleaf Barrels 14-18 ( 4 )

1.Sullens, Dale/Fred-019:209un
2.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-019:419un
3.Druery, Melissa/Buck-023:449un
4.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-023:499*5un


Cloverleaf Barrels 19-over ( 10 )

1.Goodman, Lynda/Unknown-019:08un
2.Parks, April/B.G. Express-019:341un
3.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-019:551un
4.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-024:541un
5.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-025:399*5un
6.Zalmank, Jerry/P.J-028:311un
7.Fleitas, Shay/Easy-029:149un
8.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-034:325*5un
9.Minor, B.J./Double-040:705un
10.Osborne, John/Buena-046:631un

Jr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 1 )

1.Parks, April/B.G. Express-044:457un


Sr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 7 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-017:939un
2.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-019:409un
3.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-019:903un
4.Brown, Erin/Maggie-021:099un
5.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-021:323un
6.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-023:111un
7.Druery, Melissa/Buck-023:373un

Arena Race 8-under ( 12 )

1.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-008:037
2.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-009:149
3.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-009:489
4.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-010:401
5.Byrd, Brad/Thunder-010:995
6.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-015:463
7.Druery, Melannie/JoJo-016:967
8.Byrd, Brandon/Lighting-020:591
9.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-031:105*2L
10.Wallace, Kaci/Lee-032:551*2L
11Jackson, Harper/Dalla-042:621*2L
DQ.Webb, David/Khema-NO TIME

Arena Race 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-008:341
2.Young, Mary/Cookie-008:621
3.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-008:653
4.Cupp, Emily/Bo-008:747
5.Brown, Erin/Maggie-014:363

Arena Race 14-18 ( 7 )

1.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-008:195
2.Sullens, Dale/Fred-008:279
3.Sanders, Leslie/Brown-009:251
4.Druery, Melissa/Buck-010:541
5.Reynolds, Matthew/Miss Dixie-012:697
6.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-013:915*5
7.Reynolds, Laura/Baby Blue-018:137

Arena Race 19-over ( 7 )

1.Parks, April/B.G. Express-007:977
2.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-008:053
3.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-008:397
4.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-009:459
5.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-010:623
6.Zalmank, Jerry/P.J-011:275
7.Osborne, John/Buena-015:553

Straightaway Barrels 8-under ( 10 )

1.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-009:665
2.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-012:791
3.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-012:869
4.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-015:155
5.Byrd, Brad/Thunder-020:129
6.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-020:761
7.Druery, Melannie/JoJo-021:401
8.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-037:073*2L
9.Byrd, Brandon/Lighting-037:301
10.Jackson, Harper/Dalla-055:483*2L

Straightaway Barrels 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-009:791
2.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-010:531
3.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-011:227
4.Cupp, Emily/Bo-016:443*5
5.Brown, Erin/Maggie-024:323*5

Straightaway Barrels 14-18 ( 5 )

1.Druery, Melissa/Buck-012:335
2.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-017:197*5
3.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-017:499
4.Reynolds, Laura/Baby Blue-023:515
DQ.Sullens, Dale/Fred-NO TIME


Straightaway Barrels 19-over ( 9 )

1.Parks, April/B.G. Express-010:635
2.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-010:979
3.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-013:109
4.Goodman, Lynda/Unknown-013:215
5.Zalmank, Jerry/P.J-016:417
6.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-018:251
7.Osborne, John/Buena-019:283
8.Minor, B.J./Double-022:689
9.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-063:067

Pole Bending 8-under ( 9 )

1.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-024:709
2.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-034:679*5
3.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-038:209
4.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-039:223
5.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-050:657
6.Byrd, Brad/Thunder-063:075
7.Byrd, Brandon/Lighting-075:733*2L
8.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-078:103*2L
DQ.Druery, Melannie/JoJo-NO TIME

Pole Bending 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-027:583
2.Young, Mary/Cookie-029:031
3.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-029:397
4.Brown, Erin/Maggie-036:999*5
5.Cupp, Emily/Bo-039:649*5
6.Griffin, Jessie/Yamb-045:413
7.Huckaba, Amber/Misty-050:817

Pole Bending 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Reynolds, Andrew/Solanos Karen-024:567
2.Sullens, Dale/Fred-030:741*5
DQ.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-NO TIME


Pole Bending 19-over ( 9 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-025:885
2.Goodman, Lynda/Unknown-027:469
3.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-031:411
4.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-033:237
5.Parks, April/B.G. Express-034:725
6.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-035:701
7.Osborne, John/Buena-046:217
8.Zalmank, Jerry/P.J-047:591
DQ.Minor, B.J./Double-NO TIME

Jr. Pole Bending ( 1 )

1.Parks, April/B.G. Express-034:755*5


Sr. Pole Bending ( 7 )

1.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-024:095
2.Sullens, Dale/Fred-026:379
3.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-026:581
4.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-028:831
5.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-029:363*5
6.Brown, Erin/Maggie-035:005*5
7.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-043:299*5

Quad Stakes 8-under ( 7 )

1.Byrd Brittany/Shorty-027:357
2.Goodman, Lacey/Betsy-033:155
3.Balcar, Mariann/Lost Power of Caleon-038:575
4.Gast, Lauren/Tuffy-040:747
5.Greenwood, Matt/Vulcan-050:229
6.Druery, Melannie/JoJo-055:933
7.Zalmanek, Becky/Lost Power of Caleon-083:959*2L

Quad Stakes 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Young, Mary/Cookie-026:425
2.Tucker, Elyssa/Leo Street-026:709
3.Kristynik, Laura/Samson-027:811
4.Brown, Erin/Maggie-030:309
5.Cupp, Emily/Bo-030:499
6.Huckaba, Amber/Misty-040:809
7.Griffin, Jessie/Misty-055:489

Quad Stakes 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Guthrie, Amber/Smokey-027:733
2.Reynolds, Andrew/Miss Dixie-032:391
3.Sullens, Dale/Fred-038:035*10


Quad Stakes 19-over ( 8 )

1.Kristynik, Amy/Khema-026:481
2.Cupp, Dorothy/Honey-029:113
3.Parks, April/B.G. Express-029:429
4.Taylor, Kristen/Lacy-031:417
5.Jackson, Vicki/Patches-033:551
6.Zalmank, Jerry/Lost Power of Caleon-037:865
7.Goodman, Lynda/Unknown-038:309
8.Osborne, John/Buena-060:371