8-under Casey Watkins - Bedias, Tx
9-13 Andrea Reynolds - Bryan, Tx
14-18 Jonita Barnett - College Station, Tx
19-over Seleana Willis - Bedias, Tx

Key Hole 8-under ( 6 )

1.Watkins, Casey/Holly-005:793
2.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-006:309
3.Reynolds, James/Bucky-007:027
4.Carter, Randy/Blackie-008:661
5.Sanders, Chris/Dock-008:767
6.Carter, Wesley/Roudy-010:285

Key Hole 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-004:497
2.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-005:975
3.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-007:999
DQ.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-NO TIME
DQ.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-NO TIME

Key Hole 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Magic-007:121


Key Hole 19-over ( 5 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-004:631
2.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-005:057
3.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-005:589
4.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-007:145
DQ.Yates, Lee/Rex-NO TIME

Thread the Needle 8-under ( 6 )

1.Watkins, Casey/Holly-042:291
2.Sanders, Chris/Dock-045:089
3.Reynolds, James/Bucky-046:465
4.Carter, Wesley/Roudy-053:399
5.Carter, Randy/Blackie-103:681
DQ.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-NO TIME

Thread the Needle 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-025:049
2.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-025:909
3.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-026:705
4.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-029:889
5.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-037:835
DQ.Fannin, David/Docs April Glo-NO TIME

Thread the Needle 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Magic-029:495


Thread the Needle 19-over ( 6 )

1.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-022:881
2.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-023:767
3.Wasik, Gene/Magic-026:365
4.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-028:299
5.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-034:015
6.Yates, Lee/Rex-036:555

Potato Race 8-under ( 7 )

1.Reynolds, James/Bucky-015:055
2.Watkins, Casey/Holly-015:729
3.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-020:893
4.Carter, Wesley/Roudy-022:515
5.Sanders, Chris/Dock-022:939
6.Carter, Randy/Blackie-025:633
7.Carter, Amy/Daisy-047:539

Potato Race 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-008:853
2.Fannin, David/Docs April Glo-013:455
3.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-015:405
4.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-018:001
DQ.Carter, A.J./Chester-NO TIME
DQ.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-NO TIME
DQ.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-NO TIME

Potato Race 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Magic-011:005


Potato Race 19-over ( 7 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-008:971
2.Yates, Lee/Rex-010:005
3.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-015:881
4.Willis, Seleana/Shadow-020:957
5.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-020:993
DQ.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-NO TIME
DQ.Sword, Sonya/Billy Jack-NO TIME

Cloverleaf Barrels 8-under ( 7 )

1.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-020:527
2.Watkins, Casey/Holly-025:867
3.Reynolds, James/Bucky-029:737
4.Sanders, Chris/Dock-037:233
5.Carter, Wesley/Roudy-045:487*5
6.Carter, Randy/Blackie-046:011
7.Carter, Amy/Chester-082:125


Cloverleaf Barrels 9-13 ( 8 )

1.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-017:633
2.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-019:223
3.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-020:797
4.Carter, A.J./Chester-021:923
5.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-025:049*5
6.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-026:939*5
7.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-028:289
8.Simmons, Heath/Daisy-051:383

Cloverleaf Barrels 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Pepper-022:907


Cloverleaf Barrels 19-over ( 8 )

1.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-017:467
2.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-017:717
3.Wasik, Gene/Magic-018:633
4.Sword, Sonya/Billy Jack-020:063
5.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-020:749
6.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-021:069
7.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-023:255
8.Yates, Lee/Rex-025:167

Jr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 3 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Magic-018:191
2.Fannin, David/Docs April Glo-021:389
3.Yates, Lee/Rex-024:307


Sr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 6 )

1.Reynolds, Andrea/Dude-017:709
2.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-018:965
3.Sword, Sonya/Billy Jack-021:141
4.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-021:397
5.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-023:461*5
6.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-023:893*5

Arena Race 8-under ( 6 )

1.Sanders, Chris/Dock-008:311
2.Watkins, Casey/Holly-008:585
3.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-009:151
4.Reynolds, James/Bucky-010:769
5.Carter, Randy/Roudy-012:517
6.Carter, Wesley/Baby-013:401


Arena Race 9-13 ( 8 )

1.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-007:209
2.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-007:229
3.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-007:505
4.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-007:717
5.Carter, A.J./Chester-008:045
6.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-008:677
7.Fannin, David/Docs April Glo-008:711
8.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-009:549

Arena Race 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Pepper-036:207


Arena Race 19-over ( 6 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-007:575
2.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-007:637
3.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-008:563
4.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-008:837
5.Yates, Lee/Rex-008:911
6.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-009:431

Straightaway Barrels 8-under ( 7 )

1.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-010:987
2.Reynolds, James/Bucky-016:081
3.Carter, Randy/Blackie-020:611
4.Sanders, Chris/Dock-025:725
DQ.Carter, Amy/Baby-NO TIME
DQ.Carter, Wesley/Roudy-NO TIME
DQ.Watkins, Casey/Holly-NO TIME

Straightaway Barrels 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-008:943
2.Carter, A.J./Chester-009:157
3.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-009:573
4.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-010:234
5.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-019:249
DQ.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-NO TIME
DQ.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-NO TIME

Straightaway Barrels 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Pepper-013:921


Straightaway Barrels 19-over ( 8 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-009:039
2.Sword, Sonya/Billy Jack-009:809
3.Yates, Lee/Rex-010:999
4.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-011:141
5.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-013:441
6.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-014:083*5
7.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-016:293*5
DQ.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-NO TIME

Pole Bending 8-under ( 7 )

1.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-029:025
2.Watkins, Casey/Holly-034:255
3.Sanders, Chris/Dock-038:661
4.Reynolds, James/Bucky-039:597
5.Carter, Wesley/Roudy-056:361
6.Carter, Randy/Blackie-064:039
7.Carter, Amy/Daisy-105:727

Pole Bending 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-026:331
2.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-027:551
3.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-031:127
4.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-033:711*5
5.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-037:443
6.Carter, A.J./Chester-047:551
7.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-049:795

Pole Bending 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Pepper-031:081


Pole Bending 19-over ( 8 )

1.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-026:099
2.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-026:549
3.Yates, Lee/Rex-032:271
4.Wasik, Gene/Magic-033:303*5
5.Sword, Sonya/Billy Jack-034:637*5
6.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-035:041
7.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-035:603*5
8.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-035:821*5

Jr. Pole Bending ( 3 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Magic-026:671
2.Fannin, David/Docs April Glo-033:403
3.Yates, Lee/Rex-036:645

Sr. Pole Bending ( 3 )

1.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-024:867
2.Sword, Sonya/Billy Jack-027:973
3.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-036:919*5

Quad Stakes 8-under ( 6 )

1.Sanders, Chris/Dock-035:963
2.Reynolds, James/Bucky-042:093
3.Watkins, Casey/Holly-045:707
4.Carter, Wesley/Roudy-057:953
5.Carter, Randy/Blackie-072:395*10
DQ.Watkins, Cassie/Smokey-NO TIME


Quad Stakes 9-13 ( 7 )

1.Dorsett, Terese/Peaches-025:715
2.Reynolds, Andrea/Sandy-026:085
3.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-028:637
4.Carter, A.J./Chester-030:401
5.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-030:601
6.Vaught, Justin/Sugar-032:219*5
7.Guthrie, Amber/Lilly-035:899

Quad Stakes 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Pepper-033:041


Quad Stakes 19-over ( 8 )

1.Willis, Seleana/Stacks-025:739
2.Carter, Melvin/Daisy-026:001
3.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-028:949
4.Sword, Sonya/Billy Jack-029:403
5.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-032:495
6.Yates, Lee/Rex-033:387
7.Wasik, Gene/Magic-035:707*10
8.Guthrie, Vicki/Ardala-040:891