8-under Carrie Davies - North Zulch, Tx
9-13 Heather Vann - North Zulch, Tx
14-18 Margaret Cook - College Station, Tx
19-over Darcy Lindsey - North Zulch, Tx

Key Hole 8-under ( 6 )

1.Morris, Callie/Comet-004:993
2.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-008:473
3.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-009:047
4.Traweek, Virginia/Nancy-011:185*2L
DQ.Carter, Wesley/Blackie-NO TIME
DQ.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-NO TIME

Key Hole 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Vann, Heather/Tex-004:301
2.Morris, Miranda/Solanos Karen-004:805
3.York, Daniel/Cowboy-005:167
DQ.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-NO TIME
DQ.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-NO TIME

Key Hole 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-005:989


Key Hole 19-over ( 9 )

1.Davies, Richard/Sugar-003:013
2.Wanek, Suzi/TAMU Lucky Chex-004:041
3.Adams, Gene/Miss Tart-004:857
4.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-005:341
5.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-008:711
DQ.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-NO TIME
DQ.Parker, Brian/Etcetera-NO TIME
DQ.Sims, Charles/Kip-NO TIME
DQ.York, Allen/Candy-NO TIME

Thread the Needle 8-under ( 4 )

1.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-026:105
2.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-026:637
3.Morris, Callie/Comet-031:293
4.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-078:939

Thread the Needle 9-13 ( 4 )

1.Morris, Miranda/Solanos Karen-024:209
2.Vann, Heather/Tex-025:489
3.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-027:827
4.York, Daniel/Cowboy-035:643

Thread the Needle 14-18 ( 1 )

DQ.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-NO TIME


Thread the Needle 19-over ( 8 )

1.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-025:393
2.Davies, Richard/Sugar-027:271
3.Adams, Gene/Bobbie Rae-027:901
4.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-030:207
5.Wanek, Suzi/TAMU Lucky Chex-031:489
6.Sims, Charles/Kip-032:347
7.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-040:731
8.York, Allen/Candy-042:569

Potato Race 8-under ( 7 )

1.Morris, Callie/Comet-012:703
2.Carter, Randy/Blackie-025:109
3.Carter, Wesley/Blackie-026:657
4.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-028:689
5.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-029:311
6.Traweek, Virginia/Nancy-030:265*2L
DQ.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-NO TIME

Potato Race 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-011:031
2.Vann, Heather/Tex-011:495
3.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-031:047
DQ.Morris, Miranda/Copper-NO TIME
DQ.York, Daniel/Cowboy-NO TIME

Potato Race 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-037:207


Potato Race 19-over ( 10 )

1.Davies, Richard/Sugar-009:801
2.Parker, Brian/Etcetera-011:283
3.Wanek, Suzi/TAMU Lucky Chex-011:767
4.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-017:597
5.York, Allen/Candy-019:917
6.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-020:469
7.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-024:581
8.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-026:129
DQ.Adams, Gene/Miss Tart-NO TIME
DQ.Sims, Charles/Kip-NO TIME

Cloverleaf Barrels 8-under ( 5 )

1.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-018:117
2.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-026:865
3.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-036:581*5
4.Marlow, Synnove/Dottie-042:903
5.Morris, Callie/Comet-044:821


Cloverleaf Barrels 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Vann, Heather/Tex-018:453
2.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-019:725
3.York, Daniel/Cowboy-020:753
4.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-022:209
5.Morris, Miranda/Solanos Karen-022:585*5
6.Wilson, Mary/Miss Tart-023:936

Cloverleaf Barrels 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Cook, Margaret/Peggy-022:437*5
2.Murner, Leanne/Tee-027:299
DQ.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-NO TIME


Cloverleaf Barrels 19-over ( 11 )

1.Davies, Kena/Billy-018:123
2.Adams, Gene/Bobbie Rae-019:903
3.Sims, Charles/Kip-021:617
4.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-023:449
5.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-023:749*5
6.Wilson, Peggy/Miss Tart-024:303
7.Sanders, Dale/Dock-025:457*5
8.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-026:779
9.York, Allen/Candy-027:391
10.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-029:117
11.Davies, Richard/Sugar-035:091*5

Jr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 2 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-025:313
2.Marlow, Synnove/Dottie-045:303


Sr. Cloverleaf Barrels ( 4 )

1.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-018:343
2.Cook, Margaret/Peggy-022:657*5
3.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-027:029
4.Sanders, Chris/Nine-030:210*5

Arena Race 8-under ( 8 )

1.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-007:837
2.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-008:927
3.Morris, Callie/Comet-009:343
4.Sanders, Chris/Nine-010:643
5.Carter, Randy/Blackie-012:385
6.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-013:417
7.Carter, Wesley/Blackie-019:463
8.Traweek, Virginia/Nancy-079:633*2L

Arena Race 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Morris, Miranda/Solanos Karen-007:761
2.Vann, Heather/Tex-007:959
3.York, Daniel/Cowboy-008:485
4.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-009:145
5.Wilson, Mary/Miss Tart-011:171
6.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-012:893

Arena Race 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Cook, Margaret/Peggy-008:055
2.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-008:461
3.Murner, Leanna/Double D Cowgirl-008:863


Arena Race 19-over ( 12 )

1.Adams, Gene/Bobbie Rae-007:673
2.Davies, Richard/Sugar-007:889
3.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-007:985
4.Sanders, Dale/Dock-008:347
5.Wilson, Peggy/Bobbie Rae-008:739
6.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-008:751
7.Sims, Charles/Kip-008:867
8.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-009:379
9.Wasik, Gene/Hesa Jet Bay-009:597
10.York, Allen/Candy-010:267
11.Wanek, Suzi/TAMU Lucky Chex-010:391
12.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-010:899

Straightaway Barrels 8-under ( 7 )

1.Morris, Callie/Comet-011:017
2.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-011:469
3.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-013:275
4.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-014:323
5.Sanders, Chris/Nine-016:649
6.Carter, Wesley/Blackie-023:925
7.Carter, Randy/Blackie-025:795

Straightaway Barrels 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Vann, Heather/Tex-008:989
2.York, Daniel/Cowboy-010:969
3.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-011:049
4.Wilson, Mary/Miss Tart-012:447
5.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-015:701
DQ.Morris, Miranda/Solanos Karen-NO TIME

Straightaway Barrels 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Cook, Margaret/Peggy-013:975*5
2.Murner, Leanne/Tee-015:989
3.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-018:827


Straightaway Barrels 19-over ( 10 )

1.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-009:483
2.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-009:851
3.Sanders, Dale/Dock-009:905
4.Sims, Charles/Kip-010:691
5.Adams, Gene/Miss Tart-011:701
6.Wanek, Suzi/TAMU Lucky Chex-012:313
7.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-012:335
8.York, Allen/Candy-013:639
9.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-014:951
DQ.Davies, Richard/Sugar-NO TIME

Pole Bending 8-under ( 7 )

1.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-025:095
2.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-035:693
3.Morris, Callie/Comet-038:369
4.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-043:369
5.Sanders, Chris/Nine-046:521
6.Carter, Wesley/Blackie-053:055
DQ.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-NO TIME

Pole Bending 9-13 ( 6 )

1.Morris, Miranda/Solanos Karen-024:741
2.Vann, Heather/Tex-027:163
3.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-030:779
4.Wilson, Mary/Miss Tart-034:071
5.York, Daniel/Cowboy-038:153*5
6.Sanders, Leslie/Nine-048:001

Pole Bending 14-18 ( 3 )

1.Cook, Margaret/Peggy-025:641
2.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-047:751*5
3.Murner, Leanne/Tee-050:651


Pole Bending 19-over ( 11 )

1.Davies, Larry/Sugar-024:281
2.Adams, Gene/Bobbie Rae-027:465
3.Sanders, Dale/Dock-028:689
4.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-029:213*5
5.Sims, Charles/Kip-030:741
6.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-031:771
7.Wilson, Peggy/Miss Tart-034:853
8.York, Allen/Candy-037:395
9.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-038:865
10.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-041:811
11.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-043:663

Jr. Pole Bending ( 1 )

1.Wasik, Gene/Magic-036:497*5


Sr. Pole Bending ( 3 )

1.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-025:091
2.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-029:039
3.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-043:149*5

Quad Stakes 8-under ( 5 )

1.Davies, Carrie/Dolly-026:437
2.Morris, Callie/Comet-027:379
3.Lindsey, Darby/Grasshopper-036:999
4.Marlow, Synnove/Alpine Chocolate-038:207
5.Vaught, Justin/Dolly-042:715*5

Quad Stakes 9-13 ( 5 )

1.Vann, Heather/Tex-026:333
2.Barnett, Jonita/Buck-027:681
3.York, Daniel/Cowboy-028:033
4.Morris, Miranda/Solanos Karen-030:591
5.Wilson, Mary/Miss Tart-035:563

Quad Stakes 14-18 ( 1 )

1.Adams, Amanda/Bobbie Rae-035:031*5


Quad Stakes 19-over ( 10 )

1.Lindsey, Darcy/Copper-024:439
2.Davies, Larry/Sugar-027:093
3.Sims, Charles/Kip-029:029
4.Adams, Gene/Bobbie Rae-030:537*5
5.Marlow, Laurine/Alpine Chocolate-031:881
6.Wasik, Brenda/Hesa Jet Bay-032:659
7.Wilson, Peggy/Miss Tart-033:381
8.Carter, Bennie/Roudy-035:139
9.York, Allen/Candy-042:493*5
10.McKenzie, Donald/El Quatro Quest-071:541*10